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Twitter user CB_27 came so close to getting 100% synthy on his photosynth of his snowbound shed that I just had to tweak it so that the last two photos linked in to the rest and his Photosynth username is displayed when his photos are viewed. I’ve embedded my edited version here, but if you’d like to see his original it is available at this link.

iOS users: please download the free unofficial iSynth app and search for user Christo27.

Windows and Mac users: after you touch the synth with your mouse (or finger on a multi-touch display), you can use the [P] key to turn on the point cloud behind the photos, again to view only points, and then again to toggle back to photos only. 

The [T] key is also an excellent way to get around as it will take you above the scene looking down and you can hover over the scene to see different photos’ positions. Once you click, you’ll swoop down to that photo.

If you’ve got FPS skills, try using the [W] [A] [S] [D] [E] [C] [{] [L] [:] [“] keys to move and look around, although I recommend this mainly in point cloud only mode.

If you have the Photosynth app for Windows installed, try the older Direct3D viewer out in Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer as it’s faster than the current Silverlight 4 viewer and can draw more points at a time.

CB_27’s original synth in D3D

My edited synth in D3D

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